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Dear Reader,

I received a nice note from an HR manager to whom I had sent a resume.

“BTW, when applying for a “regular employee” position (vs. consulting), it is best to have another version of your resume, with NO picture, & preferably a Word document you attach – rather than telling the recruiter to go find it on your site. It makes a better impression, plus US laws prohibit discrimination based on race, creed, sex, etc etc – therefore a picture should never be part of presenting yourself.”

Ok, the part about attaching the Word document is true. I usually just send them out to my web site to pick up a copy of it if they want it instead of clogging the network with hundreds of copies of my resume. But I’ll start doing this now. (I’m sorry if it affects your surfing but as you see, it’s the advice I get) It’s the other part, the part about a picture, that saddens me. When did we because such an anal society that we can’t look at someone and say, you know, that’s just not someone I want to work with. Shouldn’t a company have the right to hire whomever they want, for whatever reason they want?

Yes, I’m aware of why we have these laws, I just thing they are a bit outdated now. I realize that there are probably pockets of discrimination left but by and large, it’s a thing of the past. (Ok, so I’m a white guy and have never been discriminated against, no wait, I have. People are always blaming me for discrimination whether I’ve actually done it or not. That’s a form of discrimination and it’s just as valid as any other form)

Anyhow, Ms W. I really do appreciate the advice and am following it. I have a sanitized version of my resume that does not contain my picture. You can probably still infer my sex and approximate age from it but there’s no way around that.

Until next time, enjoy your time off…see you when you get back.