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New Toy!

Dear Reader,

I have been given a shiny new Blackberry! So now I can finally say with confidence that the Treo rocks! I’m sorry, I know the BBerry is “push” and my little Treo has to “pull” email but still the BBerry just can’t compare to the plethora of applications available to it. FWIW, this is my 3rd BBerry, I had one of the original ones and one of the original in this form factor and while they’ve gotten better, they still can’t hold a candle to a 650.

I guess, given the price difference, if you want a phone with some cool options, the BBerry is good. If, however, you want a true PIM/Phone and communications device, it’s Treo, hands down.

Until next time, “…the weather is here, I wish you were beautiful”.