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Scenes From My World

Dear Reader,

Note:This post is outdated. It is left here for archival purposes.

As I travel through the Valley, I keep seeing things and describing them to people and never doing them justice. Sometimes, it’s just the beauty of downtown San Jose, the colors of The Mercado or the geeky delights of seeing all the computer companies out here. So spent some time yesterday shooting pictures of places that are either meaningful or interesting to me. Because I can’t do anything normally, I decided to set them to music. I’ll warn you, this is a big (201MB) download and it’s really only of interest to those who know me. (I question whether it’s of interest to them) If you want to view it, download it here (link removed). If you are only mildly curious, visit my photos page (link removed) and just hum the tune Kodachrome my Paul Simon as you look at them.

Until next time, it’s getting harder and harder to fill my free time. Expect more silly projects.