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Beautiful day to own a convertible…

The Valley is now my home. That’s both good and bad. The bad being that I’m living by myself. (but not alone thanks to a loving wife and IM) The good is that there’s always something happening here.

I’m always on the lookout for new an interesting things to do. Since I love street fairs, it was with great pleasure that I discovered that The Solano Stroll was this weekend. Clearing the books for anything useful I may have had to do, I took off this morning for Berkley and all points North.

Pictures are available but suffice to say I had a wonderful time. The highlight of the day had to be California Repercussion. These guys were awesome. They played everything from “Tuxedo Junction” to “Walking on the Sun”. They alone were worth the price of admission. (Which, incidentally, was $0 but I paid $10 to park because I’m a sucker and like to park close by)

There were about 10 different bands there, everything from straight up Blues to something I like to call Salsa/Blues. It’s like if Los Lobos had John Lee Hooker as their front man. It was a very cool sound.

2 memorable moments during the day. In a “Only in California” moment, as California Repercussions were marching by I heard a woman comment “How very inter-generational”. It was all I could do not to laugh.

The other one is a bit more risqué and…well more confusing. As I was pushing my way through the crowd I saw a woman with a forest green T-Shirt on. Written in bold white letters across the front was:
“Health care is for pussies”

I’m still not sure whether she was making a “Real Men” type affirmation that she was tough enough not to need health care; or was she making some kind of Gynecological statement that as I guy I don’t get. Anyhow, I giggled when I saw it because I was pretty sure she didn’t mean cats.

That’s all for today.

Until next time, I miss you more than I can say.

(l) (k) (bunny)