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FedEx, FedEx, FedEx

Dear Reader,

Being the natural paranoid I am, (some people are born with it, others have to develop it), I watch my log files closely. The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a small anomaly. In my web server logs I’m used to seeing a couple of hits from all over. I’ve had the Pentagon, Disney, even a few Brazil hits on my site. The one thing they all have in common is none of them hit my site more than 5-10 times in any given month. Meaning that they don’t show up on my stats page. However, I find it VERY interesting that a week after posting the screed on my laptop and it’s travels around the world, FedEx has risen to #3 in the “Visitors Hosts” section of my stats. This begs the question, are they that paranoid anytime someone mentions their name that they feel compelled to read my entire site? (Let’s face it, most of it is old and moldy anyhow) Or am I overly paranoid and the reality is that I have a small fan base inside FedEx? (Hmmmm….which is really more plausible?)

Given their recent Haneous actions (Sorry guys but that’s a freakin abuse of the law. Your Logo can be trademarked but beating up on a guy because he made furniture out of your boxes and actually claiming he was planning to sell them because he registered a C’mon…I’ve got a dot com but I don’t sell my body!…not that anyone is offering to buy or anything) I’m waiting for my C&D
claiming my use of the term FedEx to show them in less than stellar light is a violation of the DMCA

Just curious guys, whatcha lookin’ at?

Until next time, you made my world a little brighter when you came to visit.