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I know what makes baseball so great now…

Dear Reader,

FREE TICKETS! That’s what makes Baseball great!

Everybody sing with me…
(Sung to the tune of the Oscar Myer Bologna song)

“My cool boss has a first name,
It’s Ray…”

Ok, it breaks down there but you get the idea.

Boss-man extraordinaire coughed up 2 tickets and a parking pass to the Giants .vs Dodgers today and I am ever so appreciative. (I called everybody on my crew looking for anyone who wanted to go. Guys, you missed a treat.)

Thinking that I learned my lesson last time, this time, I layered my clothing and was prepared for the arctic temperature. Much to my surprise it was actually HOT out there today. Since the ballpark faces south, I’ve got a nice red face on my right side and my equally pasty white on the left. Makes for an interesting look.

The seats were awesome. 11 rows off the Giant’s dugout; field level. I was close enough to spit on the Dodgers as they ran by. (I didn’t…but I could have) The seats were so far away from the cheap seats that you had to have a bus just to get to the cheap seats from where I was. It was awesome.

I got there about noon and did what everybody else did, I bought lunch. Given the wide variety of food available to me at the ball-park, I chose the traditional route and had Fried Rice. (Ok, so it’s probably only traditional baseball food for me.)

Anyhow, it was a great game The Giants played well and Barry Bonds splashed one at the top of the ninth to cinch the win. All in all a great way to spend a day. (Oh yea and tooling up and down the 101 at speeds that can’t really be described as safe without a 5 point harness was way cool too.)

Ray, Fiona, my prayers are with you. Thank you ever so much for the tickets but considering the circumstances, I would have rather just stayed home. Hope things are well there. Tell me how I can repay the favor.

But anyhow…I’m off to JJs in a few.

Until next time, it would have been more fun with you.