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BBerry .vs Treo revisited

Dear Reader,

After much careful thought and deliberation and no small amount of pointing and laughing at me by those around me, I’ve decided that I must make a choice. I can no longer carry both the BlackBerry 7250 and my old friend, my Treo 650. It was a tough call. Both phones have strong positives. But the only negative I still have on the BlackBerry is the screen and the browser. I loved the Treo screen it was bright even in daylight. And the Treo’s web browser is ever so slightly better than the BlackBerry’s. (Both of them pass the /. test BTW)

But the Treo is a pull device, it has to connect to the network every time you want to do something. This really didn’t hit me till one day when wife 1.22 (The lovely and talented Kathy) started arguing a point with me about a movie. To settle it she decided to use her Treo 600 to look the movie up on She had been trying for about 1 minute when I realized I had web on my Blackberry also and decided to look it up too, just to see if I could get to it faster. Sure enough, I beat her to the page by about a minute. (yes, she was right.) So the BlackBerry with its always-on networking is actually better for those who are looking for a network centric device. Also, the ssh client I have for my BlackBerry is easier to read than the one I had on my Treo and the BlackBerry’s keyboard is so much easier to use.

So after much soul searching and gnashing of teeth I have given up my little Treo, and for the first time in longer than I can remember, I am not carrying any type of Palm OS based PDA.

Until next time, if you call, I promise not to yell.