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Alienware Update

Dear Reader,

Good news and bad.

The good news is that Quaagar is on his way back home to me. I have the FedEx tracking number (I only mention that because they haven’t visited me in a while and I miss my FedEx fan club) and am watching it traverse the country. (deftly bypassing the Gulf Coast)

The bad news is that even though I asked the last support tech (Even) to make a note in my records to have the service technician call me before he returned the laptop, he did not. Therefore, I am blind as to what actually was replaced. I’ll have to disassemble it to find out now. :( Oh well, I’ve gotten used to working off my cute little Mac now so if it’s still fubar, I’ll just RMA it yet again. (Note to those at Alienware who are reading this, that is what I will continue doing until it works properly. I will continue to simply return it for repair. Since it doesn’t cost me anything to do so, I’m betting you get tired of this game before I do.)

Anyhow, as the say, the saga continues.

Until next time, congratulates and I’m very proud of you.