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Live from Web2.0

Dear Reader,

Greetings from beautiful downtown San Francisco! I’m here at the Argent Hotel attending Web 2.0. The morning can be described in one word, “washout”. The one workshop I wanted to attend was the AJAX workshop. However, just as things were kicking in, I had to jump out to handle an emergency for work. The conference is “Sold Out” which is obviously the code word these days for “over booked”. Once you leave a workshop there is no getting back in. Every workshop of even moderate interest is standing room only. The really good ones (AJAX, The video workshop, etc.) have people standing out the doors waiting for someone to leave so they can snag a seat. it’s more than a bit frustrating given the price of the conference.

On the upside, i have met several interesting people. I ate breakfast with Roblimo, stood and talked with (really I listened to) Ward Cunningham and had lunch with Janice Fraser and Lane Becker of Adaptive Path. It’s fun (as in the cases of Roblimo and Ward Cunningham) to place faces with the names I’ve come to know only on the web.

Anyhow, things seem to be settling down now and I’m ready to have my mind expanded. I’ll post more later.

Until then, this would be more fun with you.