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A sincere apology

Dear Reader,

I don’t often blog about me personally. I try to limit my blogs to things happening around me because as far as I know there are only 4 readers of my blog. 2 of you know the details of my personal life and don’t need it repeated here. The other two could probably care less. Those 2 might want to skip this entry as it’s just not going to be that interesting to you.

It’s October. Those of you who know me know that this is when my year of craziness started. So it’s no surprise that I’ve spent a good amount f time this month so far thinking about the past year. I’ve come to 1 conclusion so far. I owe many of you very deep and personal apologies for the pain I’ve caused. I am not speaking to my wife (The lovely and talented Kathy Evans) right now because I apologize to her on an almost daily basis for the pain I’ve caused her and continually try to go out of my way to show and prove my love for her. (Dear, don’t get used to this, you’ve only got 19 more years of it before my sentence is done.) :)

To the others of you I’ve hurt, you know who you are, even if we are not currently communicating on a regular basis. I am deeply and truly sorry for the pain I’ve caused. (This does not mean I want to resume regular communication, but I felt that this needed to be said.)

Until next time, 8 days and counting.