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The Nerd Herder has been schooled!

Dear Reader,

I must say I consider myself a pretty innovative manager but I have been schooled in the art of Nerd Herding. I’m sitting here writing this at the first annual Jupiter Hosting Christmas LAN party! Instead of a bunch of ties and suits and food nobody is really sure they like or not boss man decided that this year we would have an all-day, catered LAN party. The company provided food, a game and even Nerf guns! So you gotta ask yourself. How many times did you kill your boss at your Christmas party this year? :)

Well here’s to killing lots and dying well! I’ll post pix later.

UPDATE: Many hours and way too many lives later that same day.

Well I don’t know if I died well but I know I died frequently. I swear at times that my own team mates were just testing their guns on me before leaving the respawn. :) But boy did we have a blast. I strained a back muscle dodging Nerf darts and have a beautiful raspberry on the right side of my face were I caught a Nerf Rocket. (At some point Nerf has to stop pretending that these things are soft and cuddly. Those dang rockets HURT!) :)

I’m sad that this is my first and last Jupiter Hosting Christmas party but knowing Ray, it won’t be the last corporate LAN party.

Until next time, have a safe trip.