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Front-end .vs Back-end

Dear Reader,

I was reminded yesterday of a truth that I think too many developers forget. “The best back-end in the world is useless without a good front-end.”

I’m the first to admin that I’m a middle-tier and back-end programmer. I don’t do front-end interfaces well at all. So it’s natural for me assume that the back-end is the most imortant part of the application. Let’s face it, a well executed calss library is a thing of beauty. Everybody should be able to appreciate that; right? However, being married to a graphic designer (The lovely and talented Kathy) I am constantly reminded that this is only true when I’m writing shell-scripts. (and possibly not even then)
Well coded back-ends are great but without a usable interface, they just won’t get used.

I know it’s not a unique thought, I know I’m not the first one to have it. I also know that developers need to be reminded of it regularly.

Until next time,