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Fade Anything Technique Extended Edition 2.0

Dear Reader,

Ok, it’s finally done. Sorry it took so long but life intervenes. Here is my take on the wonderful code to fade things. You may have seen this technique in my previous blog entries. Or in some of the lesser known places like basecamp (who inspired the original author) or the original author’s page. No matter where you saw it, here is the WordPress plugin to let you use and abuse this effect in your blog.

A sample of the effects that can be used to annoy can be found here. The official project page can be found here. You can download the tar file here.

To install:

  1. Download the tarball to your wp-content directory.
  2. Untar. This will place wp-fatter.php in your plugins directory and fatter2.js in your wp-content directory.
  3. Move fatter2.js into your javascript directory. (Or wherever you keep your javascript files.)
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. From the Admin section of WordPress go to Options->FATtER. Check the options listed making sure they have the values you want. Pay careful attention to the location of the script. If this isn’t right, the effect won’t work. Once everything is correct, Click Update to commit the values to the database.
  6. Start using the effect. There are several examples in the .js file of how to call it, the easiest is to wrap a piece of text in a span tag with a unique ID (anything as long as it’s unique for the PAGE) and a class of “fade”.

I hope you enjoy using this as much as I did creating it. For those curious, I originaly wrote this because when I would encode secret messages of undying love into blogs for wife v1.22 – the lovely and talented Kathy – she sometimes didn’t see them. So I had to make them a little less secret and a little more obvious.Until next time,