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Dear reader,

I don’t often link to other blogs. Selfishly, I don’t want you leaving my page but in the grand scheme of things I figured if I found it, you have probably already found it too. With that in mind I want to point out 2 things.

First, if you are a programmer and you don’t read Joel On Software then shame on you. I don’t mean regularly, I mean daily! The same goes for managers of programmers. A daily dose of Joel will help life go a little smoother. Today Joel wrote something that just smacked me upside the head. He started off the article “Great Design” with the following:

You know those gorgeous old brownstones in New York City? With the elaborate carvings, gargoyles, and beautiful iron fences? Well, if you dig up the old architectural plans, the architect would often just write something like “beautiful fretwork” on the drawing, and leave it up to the artisan, the old craftsman from Italy to come up with something, fully expecting that it will be beautiful.

That’s not design. That’s decoration.

That borders on profound. It’s better advice than I’ve seen in a lot of books and a damn site better than any fortune cookie I’ve ever gotten. (And I am convinced that a lot of managers manage by fortune cookie…but that’s a theory for a different blog) Go read Joel. (Finish reading me first) Memorize Joel. Print that quote out and paste it on your wall. Staple it to the forehead of a recent “Graphics Design” graduate. (Go ahead…I’ll wait)

Second, I have very weird taste in music. My iPod contains everything from David Hamilton to Kiss. (with a very healthy dose of my favorite liberal wacko Jimmy Buffet…you are a musical genius Jimmy…keep your politics to yourself.) But I added a new artist last night that is just cool. “Panic At The Disco” is a hard driving rock, techno group. Now their web site is a study in horrible UI but their sound is downright addictive. After you get through trying to figure out their site, wander over here to listen to their music. If you don’t finish with a smile on your face, well, you probably don’t like “Alien Fashion Show” then either.

That’s it, just felt the need to share.

Until next time,