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That’s not a blog, it’s a meme

Dear Readers,

I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks reading blogs. Mainly blogs about one or two particular subjects so when I go to parties, I seem like a know a lot about those subjects. If you read a lot of blogs (more than 20 a day) then you’ve probably already discovered this. An awful lot of blogs out there are of the ‘Me Too’ variety. (i.e. today alone I saw more than 10 blogs that were simply notices that Richard MacManus interviewed Digg founder Kevin Rose.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the interview is a thrilling read; real edge-of-your-seat stuff. But 10 people decided to clutter up technorati with posts pointing me to that interview. (In this particular case, I had already come across the interview and dismissed it as “mostly harmless.”)

Folks these aren’t blogs, they are memes. Anytime you did not write a significant portion of the blog entry you are posting, you are just cluttering up the web. Seriously, if I wanted to read the same story 10 times, I’d still be reading slashdot.

There are 3 kinds of bloggers,

  • A: People who create new content. Regardless of how interesting that content is, it’s original.
  • 2: People who comment on other’s content. I lump the current crop of “Web 2.0 Review Sites” into this batch. They aren’t me too sites because most of them add value. (Mainly by showing me new or improved Web 2.0 web sites and giving me a taste of them so I don’t have to visit and register with every site out there.)
  • D: People who think that their google-fu is so much greater than the rest of ours that we can’t find the interview with Kevin so we need to have it pointed out for us. (over and over again) These are people whose entire blog entry consists of 2 words as a link. “Interesting Article”. C’mon guys, at least tell us why you think it’s interesting.

    Until next time,