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UPDATE: AIM Online Stats for WP.

Dear Reader,

In keeping with my current trend, I’m recycling yet another old piece of code. This time, however, I didn’t plan on it. Thanks to Fred, I found yet another bug in what I thought was a very simple piece of code.

Click here to view the Project Page

The current version is now 1.0.3. If you use this plugin, please update. (Just untar over the top of your existing one.)

If you don’t use this plugin then you obviously have no interest in updating but thank you for reading this post anyhow.

If you blog, have an AIM account and want all your blog readers (Blog-sta-teers?) to know when you are available for chatting, this is the plugin you’ve been waiting for. Pop over to the project page and get your copy today. There’s no better way to signal to total strangers that you are willing to have your day interrupted.