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Notable – Another WordPress plugin

Dear Reader,

Grab your hip-waders and don your helmets boys, we are going in. Yep, I’ve released yet another plugin in my series. This one puts a bar of icons at the bottom of each post allowing your readers to submit your posts to several different social networking and bookmarking sites. (, digg, fark, etc.)

As with most of my plugins, this isn’t a unique idea, just my implementaion of it. Many thanks to Kirk Montgomery for the graphics.

The project page and installation instructions can be found here.

Or if you are already suited up and ready to go, grab the tarball here and head on in.

As always questions and comments are always welcome.

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “Notable – Another WordPress plugin

  1. I’m not able to unpack your .tar file (errorr message says it’s corrupted). I’d really like to implement your new plugin — what am
    a) I doing wrong,
    b) wrong with the file
    c) neither
    d) both

    Thanks!! enjoy your site and the good information within.

  2. Hi,

    Assuming you using a linux box untar it with:
    tar -zxvf wp-notable.tgz

    if you put it in your wp-content dir first then it will place all the files in your plugin directory.

    IM me at AIL:VirtualCIO if that doesn’t work.


  3. Cal – Nice work. I just wrote nearly the same thing myself:

    When I stopped by WordPress to make an announcement, I saw your post for Alexify. Round about, I stumbled on your work here. :)

    If you’re up for combining efforts on a later version, just let me know!

  4. Hi,

    Beautiful theme on your blog. Custom?

    I’m always interested in working with people to improve the tools available to all of us. On this particular plugin there’s not much else to do to it. (I’ve got a minor update coming out next week but it’s really minor) I would like to put all the site definitions in a separate file so that it’s easy to add new ones. Right not you have to edit the code in 2-3 places…I don’t like that. Oh I am adding a new site to the plugin as soon as I hear back from them…someone sent me to add.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  5. The theme at N1L is the work of Yas, one of our authors. While its not currently available to the public, he might release it after some other projects get wrapped up. You might be interested in checking out the previous N1L theme by Yas – Kiwi.

  6. Cal,
    This looks like a great tool. I have installed the plugin but I am unclear about the instructions that say”
    You will know it is correct if you see the images on the Options screen.
    Go to options->Notable and chose which sites to display
    Add the code:

    I am lost using version 2.0.
    Please help!


  7. Ho Comit!

    Ok if you have done the following:

    1: opened the compressed file (tgz) and placed the wp-notable directory as well as all the files and directories beneath it in your plugins directory
    2: Gone into the admin section of WP and Activated the plugin
    3: Gone into the Options/Notable screen and made sure the ones you want listed are checked
    4: gone into your theme, somewhere in the_loop and added the code listed on the project page

    Then when you view your site, you should see the icons.

    If you just see a lot of text but no icons then your icons directory on the options page is not correct.

    If you don’t see anything at all then my first guess would be that the code is in the wrong place in your template.


  8. Where do I go to “Gone into the Options/Notable screen and made sure the ones you want listed are checked?”

  9. Log into the WordPress Admin section. Select Options. You should see an options page for Notable. Click on it and you’ll see all the bookmarking sites we currently support. Make sure the boxes next to the ones you want to support are checked. Then click the update button.


  10. Han,

    It really varies between templates. The best I can tell you is that there is a place in your template that has the loop that prints out your posts, the code needs to go inside that loop.


  11. Hey, thanks for creating this plugin. I’ve been trying to change the code so when you click on the icon for one of the bookmarks, it opens on a blank page… tried to add target=”_blank” like this:

    $output_array[‘delicious’][‘post_url’] = ‘{{image}}’;

    but no success. how can i make it so that it displays the links on a new page?


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