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WP-Alexify Updated

Dear Reader,

Yep, it’s that time again. Time to start updating the BlogBling plugins. Hey, if I don’t make some change every week, how do you expect me to sustain my hit rate? :)

WP-Alexify has been updated. This is a major change. I removed the JavaScript I was using to display the tooltip and went with the wz_tooltip.jz library. This should fix the Safari comparibility issue.

Also, I’m consolidating all of the BlogBling plugins into a single directory. This should make it easier for me to share code among them, reducing the amount of code I have to distribute. So make sure you read the update instructions if you are already running Alexify.

Finally, this one contains my BlogBling updater code. It phones home every 7 days and sees if there is a new version available. It does not collect any information about you, your server or anything else. It just tells me which plugin to check and then gives you the current version number. If you don’t like this you can set the Check Interval to 0 and it will never check again.

Until next time,