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ESBN BlogBling (WordPress Plugin)

Dear Reader,

Yep, another quality WordPress plugin from the makers of BlogBling. This one integrates your blog and ESBN. Now you can get an Electronic Standard Book Number (ESBN) for each blog entry and you can proudly display it on your blogs. I originally saw ESBN when Pete reviewed them on

Pop over to the Project Page for downloads and install instructions.

As always, comments, questions and Pizza are always welcome.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “ESBN BlogBling (WordPress Plugin)

  1. Heya Cal –

    Remember me asking about the icon? And you saying in effect, sure change it….

    Well, I had to hack the code. The stupid looking “n” thingy is hardcoded in the wp-esbn.php file. Those people need an ad guy: first, “numly” is a truly dumb name for the site etc. and second, the icon is just as dumb….

    Anyway, I made my own nicely understated little ESN icon (note the missing “B”), and recoded the parts that pulled “numly’s” dumb one….

  2. V,

    Glad it’s now working for you. Yea, I finally found your blog (you don’t link to it anywhere…made me work for it) and I see. I think in the next version I’ll add an option to supply your own graphic. If you don’t then it will default to the ‘n’.


    p.s. nice site and I too like the ‘Web 3.0’ article from A List Apart. Great stuff.

  3. Hiya Cal –

    Sorry, it just never occurs to me to link up. I’m not into advertising much (only on a couple of really “quasi-commercial” things I have), and I also don’t like having my link available to any dink-around who surfs past the wp forum (mostly because I have TRULY pissed off some folks over time, and I just don’t need the aggro….)

    The option sounds like a good idea. Most people however are not going to be as anal as I am over stuff….

    I kind of have fun digging into code and tweaking. Took a php class last month, was really fun!

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