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BlogBling General Update

Dear Reader,

This is for all of you who use my blogbling plugins. I’m in the process of updating them all. I’ve updated WP-NOTABLE and WP-ESBN and WP-FATTER but the rest will be updated soon. The reason for the update is that it was pointed out to me that the plugins that ran in the_loop were causing a lot of hits on the database. I’m updating them all to be more database friendly.

Also, I’ve recently updated to WordPress 2.0.2 All plugins seem to be working fine. The only thing I had to do was check my ESBN options, for some reason, they did not survive the deactivate/Activate. I’ll look into that.

To the best of my knowledge all of the ones recently updates are now working correctly. Feel free to correct me on this.

Until next time,

5 thoughts on “BlogBling General Update

  1. I already have some ESBNs created for some of my blog posts, done manually. How can I get them where they need to be to be used by your plugin? Or does this poll the ESBNs I have in my account to see if the post URL has a match? Thanks.

  2. Tim,

    If you wish to use your existing numbers, edit each post and in the custom fields section add a field named esbn_key. In the value section put your ESBN. This will prevent the plugin from requesting a new one. Othrwise, if you edit and save the post, it will request a new one.


  3. Hi Cal,
    Any word on the future of ESBN/Numly, and your plugin? I’ve got wp 1.5.2 running my main blog, and was hoping you’d had some luck with updates.

    Also, I like your code in your blog for the [silliness], and I’d like to know how you coded that in the fieldset, with the tags. Keep up the good work.


  4. Rich,

    wp-esbn should work with 1.5.2 now. Hvae you tried installing it and it not worked? (I’ve not had any reports to this effect)

    The silliness box contains the output of 2 plugins. Bunny’s Technorati tags and wp-notable. (Notable is by far the most popular plugin I’ve written) You can find a list of all the plugins I’m playing with at my Plugins Page.


  5. Hi Cal,
    I’ve got your NOTABLE working on my site at, and was wondering if that technorati thing was the deal or not…will have to go play with it now. I have the early version of ESBN installed, but couldn’t get it to play nice (meaning dynamically grab the esbn number for each post), so disabled the plugin. I did download 1.2, but was waiting to see if you were going to re-up 1.3 before I started hacking code again.

    I’ll give it a shot this week and see what I can do with it, and report back to you.

    Thanks for the quick response. Rich

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