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I smell a disruptor

Dear Reader,

I love new toys! There’s nothing more thrilling to me than finding some new technology and finding a use for it. So when Amazon announced S3, I looked at it; but then I put it away. Yea, ok, it’s storage, that’s not sexy. You can’t geocode it or tag it so what good is it. I went on my merry way keeping one eye peeled for Google’s latest purchase. (they are coming at an alarming pace these days)

Then at lunch the other day with a friend I mentioned S3 to him. He hadn’t heard so I gave him the elevator pitch. He stopped eating and listened intently. It seems that his company just implemented a feature that this would have helped with. I could see the sparkle in his eye as he started to run through the possibilities.

So what’s the moral here? Don’t have lunch with Cal; cuz I’ll blog ya!. No seriously, the moral here is a new toy doesn’t have to be sexy to be cool. It just took me a while to get there. Now I’m there and I can’t stop thinking about this damn thing.

This morning I ran across this. All of those are good ideas. I had some of the same thoughts about backups. I think you could glue together some PHP and S3 and get an app that Small Businesses could use to do unattended, off-site backups their accounting data, important files, etc. In that arena the playing field just tilted severely.

But to me, the people who should be the most scared of this are small web hosts. (yes, I am one) Think about it. How hard would it be to put together an application that pulled all of it’s images and media from S3. With a little PHP, a MySQL database and an S3 account, I could host an application on my home server with only a cable modem. (Obligatory Comcast sux and doesn’t allow you to host web sites, I know.) Put the index.php and database on my server though. Then everything else comes from S3. Heck, you could even put all of your other pages there. Let your index.php figure out which content should be displayed and then just build the Javascript necessary to AJAX it into the page. The content never hits your cable modem.

That’s just one possibility of how this announcement and the coming G-Drive, G-Space, G-Spot, G-we-need-to-be-more-original-in-our-naming announcement from Google that they are entering the online storage space but as a me-too player are going to be a major disruptor for the web space.

I’ll announce right here and now that as a web host, I welcome my new overload and to show that I’m on board, I’ll offer a new hosting special. $1/mo for web hosting. That gets you 10MB of disk space, 1 MySQL database and 50MB of transfer per month. That and an S3 account and you are good to go.

As my favorite old-school blogger (before we had a term for it) Jeffery Harrow was fond of saying “Don’t Blink”. (Jeffery, I miss your blogs terribly. The day you left Compaq is still a black-armband day for me.)

Until next time,