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I’m coining a new term…

Dear Reader,

I’m going to add a new term to the online lexicon. (Hey, I can’t write new code EVERY DAY!)

Blogger-circle-jerk – verb
1: The act of one A-List blogger blogging about another A-List blogger like it’s news.
i.e. this.

C’mon guys, if you’ve got to blog about other bloggers, how about a hand-out to those of us out on the long-tail?

Note, this blog entry is not blogsterbation because I am not an A-List blogger. This would be more like blog-whoring. Talking about an A-List blogger in a D-List blog in hopes that they will link to me.

Now, go out there and use your new vocabulary words three times today.

Aparently I didn’t invent the word. Others have used it in different contexts. So instead of blogsterbation, I’m changing it to “Blogger circle-jerk”

Until next time,

One thought on “I’m coining a new term…

  1. Right on, bro. The people will rise up and revolt against the tyranny of celebrity blogger logrolling. Power to the correct people!

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