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If They Gave Awards For Frameworks, What Would The Statue Look Like?

p. Dear Reader,

p. It is said that all great art is derivative. This is true with programming and apparently blogging as well.

p. The crew over at “”: have built upon the work of others. Starting with the list of over 40 frameworks for PHP development at “”: they have taken the 10 most popular frameworks and built their own “chart”: (Oh, and they actually review them too but do we ever look beyond the pretty graphics?)

p. While their reviews are not in-dept, I would have killed to have a list like this 6 months ago when I was working with a team trying to decide which framework to build our next project on. (We didn’t actually make a decision but we did vote “Prado”: as “Framework with the cutest mascot”. and btw howdy to my homies over at!) Since picking a framework is a very personal and often religious experience no review is going to give you everything you need. The guys at do a good job of narrowing the list to 10 and then giving you just enough information to decide whether it’s worth a look.

p. A personal note to all developers who read this. Most of you will look at this list, dismiss them all and then decide you want to build your own framework. When you do, please remember this; Rails analogies are getting as tiresome as coffee analogies were in the late 90’s. PHP doesn’t need another project with a cute name that makes you think it is like Rails. Let’s be bold, step out on our own, come up with a new metaphor. How about “PHP on 4-Wheelers” as a framework project? The slogan? “No Rails Needed”. (I don’t know how technically sound it is but I can see it on a T-Shirt!)

p. Until next time,

p. (l)(k)(bunny)

p. =C=

3 thoughts on “If They Gave Awards For Frameworks, What Would The Statue Look Like?

  1. I haven’t found contact information; therefore, I decided to ask you here about the tag cloud maker. I can see the code and an example page but where and how should I put a links array, css, etc? I’m not a coder so could you please explain it a little bit further?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Ivan,

    This isn’t a solution for a non coder. It’s a class to allow coders to incorporate tagclouds in their applications. If you are looking for something to add to your blog, there are several good plugins that already do this. (That’s why I never wrote one)


  3. The plugins I know do not allow me to controll the class of particular tags in the cloud. For example, I have 20 tags in the cloud. Their size depends on the # of posts with these tags. Their just links; therefore, they have the same font, hover background, etc.

    What I need is a bit different: in the example above I need, say, 5 tags to be of 1.5em font, all others – 1.2em. I need not only tags for categories but tags for posts (or any other links) shown in the same tag cloud.

    That’s the main reason why I’ve asked you for help. I know you may not have much time but could you please help me with that? If you can, of course.

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