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The rise of the Non-torial

p. Dear Reader,

p. Ok, I spend a lot of time researching PHP stuff. (For those who missed the memo, I’m the “roving reporter”: for “”: I generally look for things that developers can use to enhance their applications. Most of the time it’s just a new widget or concept. I came across one today I was really excited about because it looked like it would scratch a personal itch. The title “Quick and Easy Site Content with RSS and PHP”: promises to **teach** he how to implement RSS feeds in my web site. However, it really just **shows** me how to implement their code. Actually, I wouldn’t mind that so much if it showed me their code and explained what it was doing.

p. I’m a developer. When you put up a tutorial for developers you had better make sure it’s heavy on the “Why It Works”, even at the expense of the “How It Works”.

p. That’s all I’ve got to rant about today.

Until Next time,