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Odds and Ends

Dear Reader,

Yes, I’m still alive and no I’ve not taken to just shoveling up the crap the “devzone”: turns down. I’ll return to blogging soon and even to “blogblinging”: But here’s what’s up right now.

The company I was working for is in a bit of a financial pickle. I’ve picked up a short-term contract doing some super-secret cool stuff but it’s not permanent. So if you know of anyone looking for someone to take their development team to the next level, send them my way. “Obligatory link to my resume”: I have a lead on something permanent if this contract goes well but I don’t have a feel for that yet so I don’t want to jinx it.

I’ve been working a lot in “AJAX”: for the past couple of days using the “YAHOO library”: I must say that it is an impressive if large piece of code. I’ve been using the “dragdrop”: portion of the code and am really liking what I see. It’s not as ‘user friendly’ as “”: but it’s much more powerful. I started this project in “”: but had to abandon it because I couldn’t get the fine-grain control I needed. Basically, IMHO, “”: is great if you are looking to Web 2.0-erize your site but if you are building a serious application, you are going to need “YAHOO library”: When I finish I’ll blog togehter a little tutorial about what I learned because a lot of what I’m learning I’m having to learn by reading other people’s code and keep trying different things till something works. (Old-school, cave-man coding)

Someone reported today a problem with “WP-Notable”: and “WordPress 1.5.1”: I don’t have a 1.5.x blog running anymore so I can’t test it. I know what the problem is but 1.5.1 doesn’t support the function I need to call. So for the moment, if you are running 1.5.x I highly recommend you use one of the other packages that do this. (No, I won’t point you to one, google around, you’ll find them.)

I’m working on my “tagcloud”: project. I’ve decided that it needs a second dimension. Right now size indicates popularity of the topic. (Well, it really depends on how you set your CSS) I also want to be able to imply a second dimension. In the test case I’m working on, I want to confer relative age of the topic. (Very popular but old isn’t interesting, kinda like George Clooney) I’ll be doing this by fading the color as the second dimension.

Anyhow, that is what’s up with Cal. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Hey, in case you missed the memo, my weekly “Zend Framework Mailinglist”: Roundups now have their own tag. Check them out “here”:

Until next time,