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…and I’m back

Dear Reader,

Yes, I’m back. Back among the living, back among the employed, back to the daily grind of a wage-slave. Well, almost.

I have accepted the position of “Editor of Devzone” from Zend. I met with Mark de Visser, The CMO at Zend last Thursday when he was in Nashville for the (little publicized) Redhat conference. We had a great lunch together and wandered all over the map discussing things. In the end though, he offered the job and I accepted.

I would like to thank Jayson (See, I got the Y right) for his diligence in helping me land this cool gig.

I’d also like to thank Larry at Digital Dog, Rob at BrainwaveStudios, Vinny at IBI, and Marcus at for helping me stay afloat the past couple of months. You guys were all great and I owe you big.

Oh and I’d like to thank Fred and Jack for both listening to me bitch for 2 months. Guys, you saved me thousands of dollars in therapy fees. Thanks so much.

Most of all, I’d like to thank my wife (the lovely and talented Kathy) and my kids for never giving up hope, even when I did.

I’m also back to regularly posting here. Look forward to more programming, management insight and all-in-all goofiness in the near future.


One thought on “…and I’m back

  1. Drat, public thanks? I guess that means I can’t send the invoice,huh? Seriously, though, congrats, sir. I intend to suck as much wisdom as I can from here, and when possible, claim it as my own. Also, know that since you’re now in marketing, I will be bludgeoning you with relentless acronumbs (pardon the spontaneous sniglet) and abbreviations. I’m building the list right now. Welcome back.

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