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New Toy! My first mashup

Dear Reader,

I finally found time to write a mashup. Actually this started out as a project for a customer and this page is just an unbranded version of the one I gave to them. is the URL. It’s really very simple. You put in a valid UPS package id and it tracks it via UPS’s API and then displays a Google map of where your package is/was.

It was fun to write. I’m still working out some kinks in version 1. Version 2, which is about 50% done is an all AJAX version. Once I get it done I’ll probably write up a quickie article on how I did it. (Like anyone with Google and half a brain can’t figure it out.)

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “New Toy! My first mashup

  1. Can you show us some sample output, for those who aren’t currently tracking a UPS package? :-) Even a few images or something would be good enough to get an idea.

    By the way, your blog could use a bit of extra space on the left. Everything seems very squished.

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