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Mashup update

Dear Reader,

Since it was requested, here is a screenshot of the page in action. UPS Package Track

This is a package that came to me recently. Just so you know, packages can be tracked for up to 365 days after delivery. (I guess that’s in case you forgot you got it.)

Anyhow, I’m working on the AJAX version of this. I also implemented caching of the cities and geocodes since most cities don’t move. (Yes, I know, except for Springfield and if that’s the first thing that came to YOUR mind then you really need to stop watching the Simpsons so much) That’s why, if you put in the package ID in the screen shot, it’ll go pretty quick because it only has to ask UPS for the info and the Google geocoding comes from the database. One interesting side effect, as more people use this, I’m planning on building a map that shows things like:

  • Most common city of origin
  • Most common destination city
  • Most used hub city

Things like that. Why? Because I can. (Why is not really important here, this is a hobby!)

Until next time,