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You heard it here first. (Job Posting)

Dear Reader,

Ok, I’ve got 2 really primo jobs hanging out in my mail box and before I start pimping them on CL and elsewhere on the net, I thought I’d post them here for my friends or friends of friends.

I am helping a friend and previous employer, Jupiter Hosting. (, find a few good people to flesh out their operations team. The first thing they are looking for is a

“Unix Systems Administrator | WEEKEND DAY SHIFT OPERATIONS”.

Now first, I’ve got to limit this San Jose/Santa Clara/Silly-con Valley area people as this is an on-site position.

To fill this position you will have to be fluent in FreeBDS and Most current Linux distros. There’s a hardware support involved in this job. (rack, cable and IP servers) You’ll also do a little troubleshooting of hardware. (backup the hard drive, pull it out, fling it against the wall, install a new HD and restore the backup, re-rack the server before the original harddrive is finished spinning down. the normal Herculean efforts that Admins perform on a daily basis at a hosting company)

The job is mainly software support though. You need a thorough (and yes, I mean seriously thorough) understanding of the following packages:

  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • DNS Record Administration
  • NFS / NAS File Servers Administration and Troubleshooting
  • PHP (Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting – NOT PROGRAMMING)
  • Rsync
  • Most Open Source Mail Applications
  • SSHd

There are other qualifications and restrictions. Drop me an email and ask for the complete job description if you are interested.

This is a great position and a super company to work for. I personally know a lot of the people on the Ops teams and you won’t find a better group to work with.

They are also looking for an “Operations Manager”. Someone who knows all of that but can also manage the teams.

These type of positions don’t come around often. I’ll be posting them around the net in the next few days but if you want to be considered for one of them early, send me your resume IN A TEXT FILE to Make sure you specify “Admin” or “Ops Manager” in the subject line.

Until next time,

p.s. NO AGENCIES! and sorry, no telecommute.