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The AJAX Expreience

Dear Reader,

It’s DONE! My presentation for
The AJAX Experience is complete, slides have been emailed and all my code works!

For those just joining us, I’m speaking next week at The AJAX Experience in Boston. I’ll be presenting “My First Mashup”. It’s the little UPS/Googlemaps thingy I talked about earlier. It’s going to be a fun session if nothing else.

When I spoke at FileMaker’s conference, I really sweated it. I was part of the closing keynote. It was easier than I anticipated mainly because there were so many people there. (like 1,500+) When I spoke at php|works in Toronto, I felt unprepared. I had studied the material but it wasn’t a passion of mine so I just didn’t feel like I did a good job.

This time I feel prepared and jazzed. I wanted to write this project last year but just didn’t have time. When my client (SnappDragon, where you should be shopping for all your grills and grill accessories) asked me for a page to track UPS packages, I knew I had to write it.

The session will cover the version I wrote for them (old-school), an intermediate version that uses SJAX (Synchronous) and then finally an AJAX version. The idea is to show developers how they can take an existing old-school idea and turn it into a Web 2.0 idea. (because this stuff is really very easy once you learn the rules.)

if you are going to The AJAX Experience, even if you are not attending my session, make sure you stop by and say hi.

Until next time,