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My Thoughts on The Ajax Experience

Dear Reader,

As previously described, I’m now at The Ajax Experience. I have to say that I’m very impressed with the professionalism. From the handling of the speakers to the clockwork precision by which each event occurs, it is truly a well run conference.

It’s also a great conference content wise, not because I spoke at it. :) The talks I’ve attended have, for the most part, been very good. There were a couple I sneaked out of because they were not as interesting as I had originally thought. That’s going to happen and shouldn’t be considered a disparaging comment about the conference itself. Overall, the sessions I’ve been to that I’ve stayed in, I’ve really liked. The one I’m in right now, JSON, putting the X in Ajax is has been my favorite so far. (even though he didn’t go near the 90 minute time frame and we were threatened with a severe beating if we didn’t) It’s been a great talk and I’ve learned a lot.

I did meet a couple of cool people. I finally got to meet Dion Almaer of and Tatiana from O’Reilly. (I do hope I spelled your name right.)

The one and ONLY comment I have about The Ajax Experience that is not glowing is that there are no power strips to plug your laptop into. Even though the great company I work for saw fit to get me an extended battery for my T60, it’s still not enough to make it all day. Power strips would have been nice. To end in a compliment though, the WiFi has been great. I think a lot of people tried their best to kill it today downloading FireFox 2.0, but other than that minor glitch it’s been great.

If you get a chance to attend a “The Ajax Experience” conference in the future, make sure you take it. I recommend it for programmers and designers; anyone concerned with UI, either how it looks or how it works. I really appreciate Jay letting me come this time and I hope I get the opportunity to speak in the future.

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on The Ajax Experience

  1. Hey

    I have been reading a lot about Ajax
    and came up with foloowing post on my blog:

    Ajax is chnaging the world

    will like to know what you think about it!


  2. Normally I wouldn’t approve a post like yours since you aren’t so muc contributing to the conversation as you are pimmping your own blog. However, since it is at least loosely related to the topic, I’ll approve it and respond.

    You asked my opinion, I’ll give it. Your post, while factually not inaccurate, does not tell us anything new. The concept of renting software has been around for a long time under the name of ASP. (Application Service Provider) ASP have been lauded and decried for years but the fact of the matter is that for some applications they are finding their niche.

    I disagree with both you and Thomas L. Freidman, whom you quote. (I assume the quote is accurate, I have no reason to think it is not.) I disagree with Freidman in that I don’t ever think we will reach equilibrium. I think it will continue to ebb and flow as new technologies create new opportunities while making others obsolete.

    I disagree with you in that neither the concepts embodied by Ajax nor those in the of rental software will change the world; by any stretch of the imagination. (Not even our little geek corner of it)

    Thanks for posting.


  3. hi Cal,

    i was trying to install your plugin for wordpress wp-notable. And I decided to pop by your page to see how it works. :)

    I’ve been a PHP programmer myself for the past 5 years. I’m located in Singapore rite now. The sad thing is, there’s nothing like AJAX in Singapore. Self improvement is very limited to forum checking.

    As such, my skill i find, have hit a ceiling. Sigh. Nevertheless, thanks for writing the wp-notable. As soon as I figure how opensource CMS works together with the wp-notable. Can’t seem to get it to work though. I must be getting dumber by the day! ha!

    Keep in touch.


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