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Web 2.0.3

Dear Reader,

Once again, I am in San Francisco for 2.5 days of buzzword laden sessions. This is the 3rd Web 2.0 conference put on by O’Reilly. The first one I enjoyed only by podcast but I listened to every one I could get my hands on. The second one occurred while I was actually residing in the bay area. I was working for a boss whose wallet was bigger than his brain and he let me attend. This year, Zend has seen fit to have someone attend and “represent”. So here I am again, in a city steeped with memories for me, some bad but most good. My last trip here was with Wife 1.22, the lovely and talented Kathy and it was a wonderful time of sightseeing and romance.

The first Web 2.0 predicted the Social networking trend. I listened to the podcasts with interest but I was working at a hosting company and so couldn’t directly apply the concepts. However, by-in-large, the trends they were predicting were accurate.

Last year was all about Video on the web. This young upstart named was just breaking on the scene and IPTV was the buzzword. Ok, so the IPTV trend has yet to mature but overall, Web 2.0.2 was on target with Video on the web.

This year, I can already see that the buzz-word is Mobile. We’ll see what happens. Make sure you check “DevZone”: for daily updates. Until then let me leave you with these 2 thoughts.

To my wife and kids, if you get a chance to see the Titanic Exhibit, I highly recommend it. it’s stunning.

To everyone (Except Fred, I already told you this) You have to appreciate a conference that hands out Cosmopolitan Martinis in the registration line. If the line had been much longer, I would have had to have help getting to my room. Some people know how to throw a conference.

Until Next time,