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Dear Reader,

Ok it isn’t often that I drop off the grid totally but I did so this weekend. This weekend, wife 1.23, myself and the two boat anchors, Becky and J.C. all packed our stuff and headed up to Chicago for a weekend of fun and frolic.

The trip started with a college trip for daugher. Since Kathy graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburg, Becky applied to the “School of the Art Institute of Chicago”; notice the difference in the name, we didn’t. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is affiliated with “The Art Institute”. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is not. However it was a great tour and we got free passes to “The Art Institue of Chichago” which, of course, is a museum.

Saturday we went to the Chicago Field Museum. We didn’t realize it till we got to Chicago that the Tut exhibit was there. It was sold out so we went through the rest of the museum. It was great, we got to see Sue the T-Rex.

Finally, we went to see Wicked, which is playing in Chicago; It was incredible. Anyhow, pictures are here.

Until next time,