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My year in pictures

Dear Reader,

Ok, I’ve uploaded some new pictures to my flicker account. Some of them are cool, some of them are lame, all most all of them are taken by me. Looking back at the pictures I’ve taken, I think I’ve gone from really bad to almost bearable. One of my goals in the next year is to improve my eye for composition. Anyhow, I looked over by flicker account and picked out a few of my favorites. Some of these are ones I consider good and some are just good memories.

Enjoy (or ridicule, either is fine with me, I didn’t take them for you anyhow) and happy new year to you and yours.

Until next time,


Moon Behind Trees

Christmas Angel




The Ever Photogenic Dhwani

Chris Cornutt

Sara in her costume

John Coggeshall

Drew Bertola

7 of Clubs

Me and my favorite author, Scott Sigler



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