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Uber PHP Conference

Dear Reader,

Back a few weeks ago, several of us started day dreaming on #phpc about PHP conferences. It should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that ZendCon is my favorite PHP conference. But we were daydreaming about what could go on and how we could make conferences in general better and easier to attend.

Groupthink spawned some interesting ideas and a seemingly real desire to do something different. As with all good ideas, everybody is busy, everybody has a day job, everybody has a life. However, together, with everybody contributing, maybe we can pull something together.

So I’ve taken the first step. is the working domain for the project. There is a wiki there with a very brief explanation of the idea. If you are at all interested in creating the next big thing, go out, register, I’ll approve all comers, and start posting your ideas. At some point we’ll gather them all together and see if there’s anything that sounds reasonable.

This is not a Cal project, this is a community project. So if it’s going ot happen, those people interested are going to have to step up and kick-start it. Let’s see what comes of it.

Until next time,