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Dear Reader,

I’m sitting here crammed into a seat in an oversold conference on the Future of Web Applications. The overall experience is a positive one. The sessions are interesting and the speakers are knowledgeable.

I’m sitting here in the session with the Kohi Vinh, the Director of Design for the NYT and overall, I’m impressed. I can’t help but notice that their editorial bias against conservatives extends even to their presenters. One slide he showed to demonstrate embedded MP3s in NYT pages had 3 articles, one showing Republican’s in a bad (and misleading) light, one showing Democrats in a positive light and one stating that scientist (and the unspoken assumption they are leading readers to is “all serious scientists”) feel that the evidence for man’s culpability in Global Warming is unequivocal. (Side Note: Even the UN’s new report won’t go so far as to say Man is responsible, they just state that they think he is but there’s little to no evidence to support the opinion. now THAT is an Inconvenient Truth.)

Anyhow, back on track. I’ll have to say that politics aside, I’m impressed with the efforts that the NYT is making to stay relevant. There has been no small amount of bits strewn about the blogosphere in the past few years about newspapers and how they are going to stay relevant in a blog-centric world. I don’t know that the NYT will be able to but they get points for trying.

The other speaker I saw this morning was from Microsoft. He kept beating the “standards” drum and showing how M$ is committed to standards. Ok, well then why do you make seemingly random decisions like returning all headers in lowercase? It’s great that15 years after the web was invented, M$ has decided that they will now play nice with other browsers but since less than 30% of the readers of this blog use IE, I just don’t care. I stopped using IE about the time that FF went into beta and have never looked back. I urge the 30% of you reading this in IE to consider doing the same.

Anyhow, for my official FOWA wrapup, check DevZone. This is an unofficial wrap-up.

Until next time,

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