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I have zero doubt that if Bill Maher did not have a TV show, people would be laughing tomorrow

Dear Reader,

While building a mash-up for an article I’m writing, I came across this little gem.

TV Host Bill Maher Suggests Dick Cheney’s Death Would Save Lives

Actually, the exact quote was:

“I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn’t be dying needlessly tomorrow.” – Bill Maher.

I’m not sure how serious to take this as he was talking at the moment to the House’s only gay Pimp, Barney Frank. For the moment however, let’s assume that he actually meant it. (because it’s much easier to point and laugh at Bill if he actually was serious.)

Bill, baby, V.P. Cheney didn’t cause 9/11. He didn’t cause terrorists to blow up trains in Spain, the underground in London, the USS Cole, markets in Israeli towns, or any other number of targets. Or did I misunderstand you? When you said “people” do you mean people who blow themselves up for a cause? Or did you mean their innocent victims?

Bill, your an ass. Unfortunately, your an ass with a pulpit so I do the only thing I can do. I continue not watching your show (ok, that’s not really a sacrifice) and every now and then point out to HBO(?) that the reason I don’t watch your show is you just aren’t funny.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “I have zero doubt that if Bill Maher did not have a TV show, people would be laughing tomorrow

  1. Cal, while ‘zero’ is indeed extreme, you do realize that there have been WAY more needless deaths in Iraq than on 9/11, the Spainish trains, the USS Cole, etc COMBINED.

    So, while Bill may not be funny, his take on Cheney is accurate, and that is not really something to laugh at.

  2. Hi Jackson!

    It’s good to hear from you again, however I do disagree with your premise. If you are talking about civilian death, way more Iraqi civilians died under Saddam Hussein than died during the liberation of Iraq. Since then, Iraqi terrorist have been responsible for more civilian deaths than all of the militaries over there combined. All of that however, is irrelevant to the statement.

    It cannot be reasonably postulated that V.P. Cheney is responsible for terrorist killing civilians. Given the fact that he’s not the US Commander in Chief, it can’t even be argued that he is responsible for the civilian deaths that the military have caused.

    At some point, people have to admit that the terrorist and the terrorist alone are responsible for all the civilians who are killed at their hands, no one else.

    Thanks for posting,

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