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I <3 SF!

Dear Reader,

Actually I love this entire side of the country. I can feel my energy level rise as the plane got farther and farther west. Of course that was a false feeling, as soon as 10:00 PM arrived and I realized it was midnight at home, my energy level dropped back to normal. Even so, it’s great to be back out here.

I’ve got to make time this trip to visit SFMOMA. I’ve been coming to conventions at Moscone for 7 years now and never bothered to visit. (I have, however, been to the Sony store in the Metreon several times.)

Anyhow, to all my west coast homies, I’d say give me a ring and we’ll hook-up but I left my cellphone back in Nashville, so it wouldn’t do you much good. (You can, however, still call it, wife 1.23, the lovely and talented Kathy, has it and you can always talk to her.

Make sure you have the DevZone feed in your feed reader because I’ll be blogging the conference over there.

Until next time,