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I’m twittering

Dear Reader,

At Web 2.0 Expo, I finally got around to setting up a twitter account. ( I’ll be honest, I think it’s a fad. I don’t see it as becoming a serious Internet tool/toy. but I’m going to play with it while I’m on the road. I do see some interesting things you might could do with it, none of them commercially viable.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “I’m twittering

  1. Hi Lawrence!

    Great to hear from you again.

    Now sure I understand the Ruby question. if you mean the Twitter project, I think it *is* written in Ruby. I’m watching it closely as if it is written in Ruby, I want to see how it scales as it’s load increases.

    Don’t be a stranger,


  2. Of all the people to run into on the internet, I would have never guessed it to be you! It’s been a long time since Express Media days! It’s good to see you’re doing well. I’ll tell DeVere, Keith and Jamar I know where your are and you’re doing well.

    Oh, just so I can stay on topic with this blog, wouldn’t it be hard to scale this project being written in Ruby on Rails and all? From the laymen’s glance, it looks kinda strict.

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