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Cool S3 Toy

Dear Reader,

Ok, so I took the plunge and got me an S3 account. (The missus is wise to all of my file hiding places these days so I needed something new) S3 looks cool and I really like it but everybody I read talks about using it as a backup tool or a sync tool or whatever. I just wanted to shove a bunch of files up there and I wanted something easy and free to do it with.

Jeremy Zawodny made a list of S3 tools last year and I looked at a lot of them but reall, I want something simple. no install, no mapping drives and just a clean interface. Well I’m happy to say I think I found the coolest tool around for working with S3.

S3 Fox “S3Fox Organizer for Amazon (S3Fox)” is a FireFox extension that looks very similar to FileZilla. It’s freakin easy to use and free. (Well the author asks for a donation, which I will be making)

It’s one of the neatest FireFox plugins I’ve come across. If you’ve ever wanted to make the jump to S3, this is a great little tool. (and drop the author a few bucks while you are at it.)

Until next time,