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Dear Reader,

Ok, I started out last week with a simple concept in mind. I needed a simple, file-based, queue system for Now, before you say anything, yes, I know that Zend Platform has a wonderful job queue. I also know that Amazon has a Queue as well. In both cases, I think my Abstract Queue class can be extended and the concepts still work. I needed SIMPLE.

What I ended up with is a queue that is:

  • Built on the Zend Framework 1.0.0
  • Multiplexing (with code shamelessly ripped off from Wez Furlong)
  • Runnable from the command line

This was fun because I had to revisit my cli code because of recent changes in the Zend Framework. I now have a skeleton cli app that takes the module/controller/action as parameters and can fire off a process without having to resort to wget or curl.

Also, nobody had written a Queue using the Zend Framework yet so I was kinda figuring this out on my own. (With a LOT of help from Matthew)

Anyhow, I’m reporting back here to let you, my faithful reader, know that I will be publishing all the code soon and hope to have a couple of tutorials for the Zend Framework to publish as well.

Until next time,