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Speak English, not Marketeese

Dear Reader,

Of late I’ve noticed a disturbing trend, people talking about “Web 3.0”. I’ve received IMs, Facebook questions, and most recently, this blog on what Web 3.0 really is. Enough!

Someone ask me the other day why the term Web 2.0 took off where “Semantic Web” faltered. The answer is easy. Web 2.0 is nothing more than a marketing term. marketers love terms that can mean just about anything because then no one can hold them to their product promises. “Semantic Web” is an easily definable term, it actually means something. By definition, this means it can’t be a buzz word.

So if Web 2.0 is the fart out of a marketers mouth, guess which end Web 3.0 comes out of. Cm’on people, if you want to talk about the current web phenomenon, use terms with concrete definitions, semantic web. Don’t use terms like “Social Networking”, “Web x.y” or any of their relatives. If we all agree to speak in concrete, definable terms, the the marketeers will just disappear. (and take the hair stylists and phone sanitizers with them)

Until next time,