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I wanna talk about me…verse 2

Adobe "Faces of Flex" Ad featuring meDear Reader,

Several people have brought to my attention that Adobe is using my likeness in an ad. Yes, I wrote an article a while back that was published on both DevZone and in php|architect. (THE PHP magazine…if you are not a subscriber, you need to go now and subscribe, this content will be here when you get back…GO!)

After the article was published, my friend Mike Potter sent me one of the most unusual requests I have ever received. They wanted to use my picture and a quote in an ad campaign they were calling “Faces of Flex”. I of course said yes figuring that the worst thing that could happen would be people making fun of Adobe for using my ugly mug. Well the ads have started appearing and I’ll have to say it was a bit unnerving going to the other day and seeing my picture staring back at me. Sightings have been coming in from seveal major PHP related sites including and

For agreeing to allow them to use my likeness, Adobe (Mike) sent me this bitchen-cool leather overnight bag with the Adobe log embossed on it. I would take a picture and show it but alas, wife 1.23 (the lovely and talented Kathy) has absconded with it. (/me sighs)

Until next time,