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A little PHP fun while you are winding down for the holidays

Dear Reader,

Last night, someone (I’m sorry, I forget your nic) in #phpc posted a link to a site called I’d never seen this site so I admit I followed the link. What I saw amazed and befuddled me. Basically is SimCity-lite. You get to watch a city grow but you don’t have to do anything to make it grow except visit the page once a day.

I of course setup my own city and I’ve become an over-night metropolis with 19 residence. (We are a small suburb and we like to keep it that way, we are considering making the entire place a gated community)

I’ll be honest, is a strange web play. There are no ads except for other games, presumably run by the same company, you don’t have to download anything, it’s Flash based and you don’t have to register to play. I’m really not sure how they pay the bandwidth bills and I’m going to be watching this for a while just to see how it matures…if it matures.

Anyhow, I thought it may be fun to do a PHP community building instead of real work this close to the holidays, so I set up PHP City. To participate, just click the link to PHP City and you are a resident. If you really want to get involved, pick yourself a title (I’m Mayor McCal) and post a proclamation as a news bulletin.

Either way though PHP City needs your help. For the next two weeks, during the Holiday season, we need to get the word out there that all PHP developers from around the world, need to join PHP City. (Did I mention it was in Jamaica? That’s a bonus for those of you in the northern US that are getting hit pretty hard by the snow!) So, get the word out. No need to link back to this blog. (unless you just want to give the back story) Pass out the link to PHP City. ( Blog it, Tweet it, Digg it, FaceBook it, add it to your spock profile, add it to your email signature, post it in PHP forums far and wide…any place you can put a URL, put this one…just till the end of the year.

Get the word out to your PHP brothers and sisters that we have a homeland, even if it is just virtual! Visit PHP City and visit daily!

Be civic minded this Christmas, visit PHP City daily and encourage all your PHP friends to do so as well. Have a little (more) fun this Christmas season!

Until next time,

Industry UPDATE:
We are a technocracy! Our growing unemployment rate is unacceptable. As Mayor of PHP City I promise you that we CAN end unemployment in PHP City. Get out there and form a start-up! We can make a difference if we all pitch in daily! (Bookmark the link and visit it daily!)

Transportation UPDATE:
Let’s be proactive with the transportation needs of PHP City! As Mayor of PHP City, I ran on a Green platform and now it’s time to buckle down and make public transportation a reality! I’m calling on all citizens of PHP City to revolutionize transportation in PHP City! (Click the link! Click it now, click it every day!)

Security UPDATE:
My friend, and now official Police Chief of PHP City, Padriac Brady put it best, Grab a BFG and fight crime! We must be constantly vigil against those that are trying to tear us down.

Link Love for my friends who are talking about PHP City

Make sure you check out Richard Harrison’s script below…makes playing that much easier!

8 thoughts on “A little PHP fun while you are winding down for the holidays

  1. @Cmdr Casey
    I’m preparing to raise an army. My guess is though that The Rubyites, Javaites and .Netizens are all moving so slow that it will be weeks before they catch up with us.

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  3. I wrote a little WordPress plugin for myMiniCity. It displays your city and the associated statistics. You can configure whether you want to display a link to add population, transportation, industry and so forth based on those statistics. For instance, you could only show the add population link if the unemployment was less than 5%.

    If you’re interested, you can take a look at it here:

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