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php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework

programming_with_zend_frameworkDear Reader,

Last week, php|architect announced my book, “php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework”. Today I posted the announcement over on DevZone. I’ll admit that I was very nervous posting the announcement on DevZone because I’m not keen on using DevZone for self-promotion. However, in the end, it came down to the fact that I announce other books so I needed to announce this one.

Anyhow, for the both of you who read this, I have a new PHP book out titled “php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework”. There’s been a link to it in my sidebar since it was announced but I thought that since I announced it on DevZone, I would post about it here as well.

Until Next time,

8 thoughts on “php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework

  1. Definitely needed to be posted to DevZone and it’s a good article :)

    I don’t think you should write the review on it though!


  2. @Rob

    But…I’ve got so many good things to say about it. :)

    Actually, no, I’ll be finding someone else to review it…of course.


  3. It’s indeed a great post, very nice humor :-)

    I’ve already ordered it; if I have time to actually read it when it’s in, I’ll review it on my blog.

  4. Hi Cal,

    Sorry to bother you on this blog but is totally broken and I can’t find a direct feedback form.
    Registration fails due to an unexpected error, if you don’t provide a password I get one success and the “password too shot” error. Password recover page is not found on the server.

    good luck,

    Ps. my main question is why does zend_extension not work but extention does work in php.ini. although xdebug needs, so it seems, zend_extension.

  5. @berry,

    This is my first book so while I’m very anxious to hear what people think, I’m also sweating bullets. :) Please do let me know what you think.


  6. Woke up this morning to the news that the PDF version of the book has officially launched.


  7. I’m new in Zend Framework
    I’ve already ordered it, but the shipping need 2 weeks to Indonesia.
    Please help me, if I don’t understand with this book :)
    And I’ll write it to my blog. after I read it :)


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