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Podcasts I Don’t Listen to Anymore: The Innovise Guys

Dear Reader,

Regular readers know that I’ve got several projects running right now, hosting for PHP Developers, Love Poetry, PHP Podcast List, and others to be announced soon. To help get these projects noticed, I’m starting to listen to a lot of podcasts, specifically marketing podcasts.

Some of the podcasts I’ve picked up since November have been pretty good, however, some have been less than stellar and other just seem to not deliver what they promised. So that others can make better decisions, I’m going to start listing the ones that didn’t make the cut and why.

The Innovise Guys
I listened to three episodes on this one before I decided it’s not for me. They review books and talk to the authors. The audio quality lacks at points and the opening is usually much louder than the main body. However, the biggest problem for me on this one is they just don’t review books that are of interest to me. Overall, I didn’t discontinue this one because it was bad, it just wasn’t interesting to me.

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