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I’m on “Managing The Gray”

Dear Reader,

w00t! I’m featured on a short segment on CC Chapman’s “Managing The Gray”. My segment, “The 60 second tech” is at the very end of “How to Break Into New Media as a Career”.

Do me a favor, drop by CC’s site and let him know how much you appreciate him adding my segment to his already wonderful podcast. Be truthful and honest when you tell him that “60 Second Tech” is a great way to cap off his insights into…whatever he happens to be talking about at the moment. (If you don’t subscribe to his podcast, you really need to…it’s one of the ones I wait for each week)

I figure with all my friends and family posting, we may can get 2 maybe even 3 positive comments! :)

Until next time,

p.s. Thanks C.C.!

3 thoughts on “I’m on “Managing The Gray”

  1. *laugh* Happy to have them. They sound great and add something new to the show so I like them. I’m looking forward to hearing what my listeners think of them.

    Thanks again for reaching out to me about this idea.

  2. I enjoyed your segment at the end of C.C’s show. I actually have been asked to help out a site with their SEO and I was looking into the various methods, forgetting what helped me in the first place.


  3. Hi Michael!

    Thanks for taking the time to write, I’m glad you enjoyed the segment.

    As I said, Google is doing it’s best to make sure that, other than relevant content, you can’t put anything on the page itself that will affect the ranking. They want to serve up relevant content. However, those arrogant bastards feel that their thousands of PHDs can write algorithms that can identify “relevant” and don’t need our help.

    The one thing you can still do is go link hunting. Find sites that are relevant to you and beg or borrow (but not pay!) to get links from their site to yours.

    A good example is DevZone. Now I don’t sell links on DevZone but if you write something relevant to PHP developers, I’ll usually cover it in a short article that includes a link. THAT will bump a site’s relevance. I’ve found that inbound links are one of the last remaining things that I can do for my sites to increase their ranking without actually getting out there and writing relevant content.

    All that having been said, I am not a SEO expert. I’m pretty much the opposite.

    Oh and none of that applies to MSN and Yahoo, they still want keywords, descriptions and titles…but since those two combined represent less than 10% of my search engine traffic, I’m gonna stick to trying to please
    google. :)

    Thanks again for writing!


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