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securePHPHosting,, and other news about Cal

Dear Reader,

Just keeping everyone up to date on what’s happening with me.

I’m sad to say that I’m having to shut down I’d like to thank all my customers and those who helped out by being affiliates and in other ways. I owe everyone who supported me in this venture a debt of gratitude. I would have liked a better ending it just didn’t work out. All my customers have been migrated over to my other hosting venture, until they decide whether they wish to stay or find other hosting. I’ve talked with most of them personally to apologize and offer any assistance I can in making their final decision.

On a happier note, I’m glad to say that I am now a Zone Leader on I met Rick Ross back in Boston a year or so ago and we’ve been in touch since then trying to put together a deal that is good for dzone and for DevZone. We were finally able to do so and part of that deal is that I’m a Zone Leader. So you’ll be able to see my smiling mug over there as well as on DevZone now.

This means I’m also trolling for content for both sites. So don’t be shy! If you’ve got something to say to the PHP community, let me help you get it out there. Drop me a line! (now…seriously…I need content!) :)


Finally, after the game tonight, I pack it up and head out early tomorrow morning for Cupertino for a week. I’ll be in the office Tuesday but at SugarCon the rest of the week as well as the PHP meetup in SF on Thursday evening. If you are in the area, ping me and let’s hook up for drinks! I only get out there a few times a year so I want to see all my friends that I can.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a couple of tutorials I’m working on that I’ll post over at when they are done.

Until Next Time,