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Does It Sell Stuff?

Dear Reader,

Me and my favorite author, Scott SiglerDid I miss a memo? Scott Sigler, the author who has replaced Steven King as “guy I don’t want in my dreams” has started a marketing blog, “Does It Sell Stuff”??? Wait, that’s not the punch-line; the punch-line is that it’s GOOD! While Scott posts on his new venture infrequently (6 posts since August of 2007) the posts are always well written, insightful and always cover the burning question all of us trying to make money with Social Networking are dying to know, “Does It Sell Stuff?”. Here’s an excerpt from the first post.

This blog will not talk about the latest and greatest social media tool. For that, you just can’t beat Robert Scoble and TechCrunch. It won’t talk about manifestos, paradigm shifts or up-and-coming strategies. If you’ve got that kind of time, go check out people like Solis and Brian Oberkirch.

Me? I’m boring. I just want to know what works. Stay tuned to this blog, and I’ll share that information with you.

Dammit Scott, seriously, you have a full-time job, best selling books and great podcasts; leave some room for the rest of us, ok?

Seriously, if you are into “new media”, “social media” or what we used to just call “trying to make money on the web” Scott’s new venture is a must read. Thankfully, there are no chicken sheers involved.

Until Next time,

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