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Google p0wnage! (Happy Mothers Day my love!)

Dear Reader,

Regular readers know that I am ecstatically married to wife 1.24, the lovely and talented Kathy. (She is the inspiration for all the love poems at  Cyrano’s Apprentice…and even one of the Burma Shave poems there!) "the lovely and talented Kathy" is a phrase that I started using a year or so ago and always link it back to her web site. Originally, there was no particular reason other than I thought it was cute.  However, of late I’ve been reading a lot about SEO. (trying to find anything that makes me think it’s anything other than horse crap) and for fun, I started sprinkling it liberally throughout my posts to see if I could "Google bomb" the term. Now Google is supposed to watch for this kind of thing and stop it. They do a pretty good job of that but every now and then they slip up, as they have today!

Here is a screen shot proving that, for at least a brief second, I p0wned the phrase "the lovely and talented Kathy".  The very first link is her web site!

Just so you don’t think it’s only because I enclosed it in quotes, here’s the same phrase without quotes.

It’s probably gone by the time I get this post up, it happened once before but I didn’t get a screen shot and it only lasted like an hour.

Anyhow, Happy Mothers Day my angel! I can’t think of a more geeky present to give you than a #1 ranking on Google. :)


Until next time,